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    Compare prices and contact Russian legal translators and interpreters directly to secure the best value for money. To calculate price estimates, enter the assignment address (keep the field empty for remote - telephone or video interpreting assignments) and estimated duration. REGISTER NOW to receive full legal aid quotes in seconds.

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    Winner of Best Performance on an Interpreting Assignment Award – ITI Awards 2018
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersYelena McCafferty £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Yelena
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersMaria Senior £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Maria
    Belarusian-Legal-Translator-InterpreterDmitri Goutine £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Dmitri
    Rusian-Legal-Translator-InterpreterElena Van De Saar £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Elena
    Russian-Legal-Aid-Translator-InterpreterElena Maughan £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Elena
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersMagdi Temirkhanov £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Magdi
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersSvitlana Skeberis £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Svitlana
    Ukrainian-Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersOksana Wetherell £ Oksana
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersOlga Black £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Olga
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersVictoria Ellis £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Victoria
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersLioudmila Heron £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Lioudmila
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersElena Madorskaya £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Elena
    Belarusian-Russian-Legal-Translator-InterpreterDr Andre Traliszewski £ Dr Traliszewski
    Russian-Legal-Translators-InterpretersAlbina Homer £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Albina
    Russian-Legal-Translator-InterpreterIrina Norton £ NRPSI-Registered-Regulated-Interpreter Irina

    Professional rates charged by Russian legal translators and interpreters can vary substantially. We therefore believe it is more appropriate to sort providers of legal translation and interpreting services according to their overall price, which includes interpreting time, travel time, travel expenses, and their individual rates, rather than just by distance. This way you can easily find linguists who offer the best value and contact them directly.

    The fees charged by interpreters can vary dependent on the language spoken and, in general, the fees charged for translation and interpreting services in more obscure languages are higher than in more common languages. In a legal aid case, just as in a privately funded case, a solicitor should aim to secure value for money when instructing any third party. This may, sometimes, involve obtaining competitive quotes where it is possible to do so. (Legal Aid Agency – Criminal Bills Assessment Manual)

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