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Legal Aid Rates – Translation

The guidance on remuneration of Expert Witnesses (6.20 -6.22) confirms that a rate of £100 per 1,000 words would be considered reasonable for translation as this is the rate that prior authority would not be required in a certificated matter.

For translation, we will require either the rate per word and number of words translated or the hourly rate and time taken. We will generally consider the hourly rate for interpretation to be a comparable rate to that used for translation.

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  1. Alexandra Salinasova
    Alexandra Salinasova 2 weeks ago

    Hi, is it really just 1 hr minimum for Legal Aid?

    Also thought travel time was half the interpreting time.


  2. Admin Author
    Admin 2 weeks ago

    Hi Alexandra, minimum payments or rates higher than those set out in The guidance on remuneration of Expert Witnesses are possible under the LAA rules, but I believe a prior authority has to be obtained and solicitors have to prove there are no local service providers who would charge less for the job.

    In regards to the travel time, in April 2019 the LAA clarified that travel time can be charged at 2/3 of the rate for interpreting.

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