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  • Qualified and experienced Slovak interpreter

    Slovak interpreter with over 10 years of experience in translation and interpreting.

    Choose Vladimir to be your Slovak interpreter


    With over 10 years of experience, some of the highest linguistic qualifications and many satisfied customers I believe I can offer high-quality translation and interpreting services. In order to satisfy all your language needs, I have prepared a comprehensive package of services to enable you to achieve the best results.

    Services I offer include:

    • Translation (Legal, Certified, Business, Marketing and Advertising, Technical, Medical)
    • Interpreting (Simultaneous, Consecutive)
    • Localisation (Websites, Keyword Optimisation)
    • Proofreading (Grammar, Punctuation, Syntax, Style)

    Over the last ten years, I have worked as a freelance interpreter and translator for some of the biggest national and international translation and interpreting companies in the UK included covering all types of projects and interpreting assignments.

    Independently, I can offer a better value and provide a broader and more reliable service to my customers without compromising on quality.  This way, I can also guarantee much-needed continuity and ongoing customer support.

    Vladimir-Keves- Slovak-Interpreter

    Good communication is the key to achieving a positive outcome

    All communication consists of several components and it is very easy to get one of those components wrong. The risk is much higher when dealing with a client who is not fluent in your language. If this happens, your message becomes less clear. Get more than one component wrong and you may have a problem.

    I was born in Slovakia and I lived there for over 20 years. Then I moved to the UK where I have been living for over 14 years. This allowed me to master both languages (English and Slovak) and develop skills and a good cross-cultural understanding necessary for this profession.

    An experienced interpreter can assist you to make any conversation flow naturally and help you avoid making costly mistakes. A clash of cultures, if not understood and handled correctly, can sometimes make people feel and sound strange and unprofessional. An experienced linguist who understands those differences can advise you in advance, or inform you straight away if a situation like that arrises and turn such a situation into a pleasant moment.

    This may surprise you, but ‘no’ can sometimes mean ‘yes’

    Many English speakers are often puzzled by this, but there is a simple explanation. In both the Slovak and the Czech language ‘yes’ is ‘ano’. As it is often the case, people tend to shorten words to make them easier to pronounce. This is how ‘ano’ often loses ‘a’ and becomes ‘no’ whilst still meaning ‘yes’.

    It is just a coincidence that ‘no’ in the English language can sound just like ‘yes’ in the Slovak and Czech language. However, this alone can sometimes be enough to unsettle even a good communicator. Usually, a good interpreter can read between the lines and interpret all communication correctly and accurately.

  • DBS Check (Issued in December 2016), Police Clearance NPPV2 (Issued in March 2014)

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