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  • Award-Winning DPSI-Qualified Russian Interpreter and Translator

    Experienced Russian Interpreter and Translator (English – Russian, Russian – English).

    Full member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters, NRPSI: 14995.

    Winner of Best Performance on an Interpreting Assignment Award – ITI Awards 2018

    ISO 17100:2015 Qualified

    Full member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.Yelena-McCafferty-Russian-Interpreter

    Providing language services to commercial and public sector clients in the UK since 2001. Experience has included consecutive, whispered and simultaneous interpreting at business meetings, presentations, workshops, product launches, interviews, appointments etc, as well as over the phone. Provided voice-over services for radio news packages.

    Received Special Commendation as an Industry Ambassador at the 2017 ITI Awards.

    Regular contributor to professional language publications.

    *Request a quote from Yelena for Russian interpreting service*

    Key things to remember when booking an interpreter:

    – There are different types of interpreting. A consecutive interpreter stands or sits alongside the speaker who says a few sentences at a time to allow the interpreter to relay the message in chunks once the speaker pauses. The interpreter’s tools of the trade here are a notebook and a pen. (Or pencil to make sure a pen doesn’t run out of ink at a crucial moment). Notes are particularly useful to refer to for tracking down the train of thought of the utterance. They are also helpful if the message contained many facts and figures. A simultaneous interpreter interprets in a sound-proof booth while the speaker is still talking. The interpreter’s tools of the trade here are headphones, a microphone and any online terminology resources to look up during breaks as conference interpreters work in pairs for 20 minutes or so at a time.

    – If you have any background information to send to your Russian interpreter beforehand, please do so. Good interpreting comes from good preparation.

    – Interpreting requires high levels of concentration and in meetings with several speakers the interpreter speaks more than anyone. If you feel you need a break, your Russian interpreter will most likely do too. And make sure your interpreter has drinking water at hand, as with any form of public speaking, it’s an absolute must.

  • Police Clearance NPPV3 (Issued: 04 Sep 2018)
    DBS Enhanced Certificate (Issued: 12 Mar 2018)

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      Very professional and great to work with.

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