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Linguist Directory is an online network of qualified translators and interpreters. You can use our platform to search for linguists, post language jobs, check availability and request quotes.

We have recently added a new job board to our website where recruiters and businesses can advertise job vacancies free of charge.

When you advertise a job vacancy, we publish it on our website to help you reach as many people as possible. All visitors to Linguist Directory can create job alerts and receive notifications whenever a new job is posted in their language combinations.

Find Translators and Interpreters, Post Language Jobs - Linguist DirectoryFor translators and interpreters, Linguist Directory is an online marketing platform where they can offer language services directly to potential customers. All qualified translators and interpreters can register and create their own online listings. Our aim is to make it easier for you to find and hire qualified linguists. We would like to achieve this by increasing their visibility online.

If you’re wondering why we think we can offer something new in the age of social networks, easy-to-build websites and many professional organisations, the answer is simple.


  • A membership of a professional body is a great way to add social proof to your sales pitch, however, in reality, when compared to commercial websites, only a small proportion of people use them to search for linguists.
  • Personal websites are great but can be expensive to build and maintain and rarely generate enough traffic to perform well in search results.
  • Social networks, even though very popular, are not very reliable for business purposes. The internet is full of bots and fake accounts. Unless you run your own checks, you don’t know who you’re really dealing with.


So we took a different approach. We check the details and qualifications of every translator and interpreter who wishes to be added to our database of qualified linguists to ensure that only linguists who hold higher professional qualifications such as a diploma in interpreting, or a degree in translation are approved and listed on our website. Rare language combinations are the only exception as higher qualifications in those languages are not always available.

We help our members create extended and comprehensive profiles and give them the tools to promote themselves online. Together, we are gradually seeing very promising results. What would be hard to achieve individually is becoming possible and much easier when working with others as one big language network.

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