Content Writing For Translators Online Course

Multiply your income streams by tapping into the lucrative market of content writing

One of the biggest problems freelance translators face in their career is the dreaded cycle of ‘feast or famine’.  Today, more than ever, it is very important to diversify in order to future-proof your business against recession. Content writing can help you boost your freelance income by taking the knowledge you already have and applying it to a new market.

Why content writing?

Translation is a type of content. If you can translate a text, it’s because someone else wrote it first. As a translator, you’ve already developed expertise in your specific niche. So, what if you could take the expertise you already have and write content for that niche?

For example, if you are a medical translator who specialises in translating content for medical clients, you can also write popular medical articles for a wellness website.

On the other hand, if you are a financial translator, have you thought about writing content for banking blogs?

Writing opportunities are limitless across all niches and I am here to show you how you can take the knowledge you already have and add a new income stream by branching out to content writing.

In Content Writing For Translators, you will learn how to:

  • Nail down your writing niche to attract great clients
  • Write articles that make it to Google’s Top 10
  • Find writing clients that pay from USD 0.20 to 0.50 per word
  • Create amazing content strategies for your clients
  • Send the exact pitches that bring in the work

You will get: 4 action-driven modules with practical tips, online resources and 4 assignments to help you gain clarity on your niche, write good articles, find lucrative clients and pitch your favourite brands.

But not only that.

You’ll also get an article checklist. I walk you through how I write my articles from beginning to end. Use the checklist to tick off everything your article needs to contain for a perfect piece of writing.

You’ll also get several plug-and-play pitch templates. Not all clients are the same (there are agencies, big corporations, smaller, local companies, different websites, etc.) so your pitch needs to reflect that. I analyse paragraph by paragraph to show you exactly what goes into a successful pitch.

You’ll also get a content strategy template. Find out how to create content strategies really quickly based on your client’s customer journey to come up with unlimited content ideas.

You’ll also get a detailed collaboration agreement (project, services, deliverables, terms, estimated fees, all the legal information you need to cover yourself in a collaboration.)

You’ll also get a list of 11 blogs to write for in the translation industry. I’ve made over $1,000.00 just by writing 3 articles only for 2 of those blogs.

You are just a step away from developing a set of powerful recession-proof writing skills which will give you the confidence to reach out to clients and get your work commissioned so that you can say bye-bye, once and for all, to the dreaded cycle of ‘feast or famine’.

125+ translators have already joined and the great reviews keep coming in. Are you going to join them?

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Content Writing For Translators Online Course - Natali LekkaAuthor:  Natali Lekka

Natali Lekka has a MA in Translation Studies and a PGCert in Forensic Linguistics and has been translating professionally from English and French into Greek since 2008. She specialises in marketing, advertising and transcreation. Natali is also a bilingual content writer and feature writer for brands and publications. In 2020, she was named #11 of top 50 influencers in the localization industry by Nimdzi Insights.


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