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Qualified Linguists

To ensure only qualified linguists are approved and listed on the website, we check the details of every translator and interpreter who applies to have their details added to our database of linguists.

Search by Language

Translators and interpreters are divided into categories according to the languages they are qualified to translate and/or interpret to and from. Categories are clearly displayed in interpreters’ profiles.

 Arranged by Distance

Simply search by postcode or city and find translators and interpreters in your area, or where you need them. Linguists are in search results displayed according to their distance from the searched area.

To find translators and interpreters, simply type the language you require and your postcode

Freedom and flexibility

Linguist Directory is a free and easily accessible database of freelance translators and interpreters. You can either search for the most suitable linguist or submit a short online form and request quotes from all linguists qualified in the language you require.


Find and choose linguists who meet your criteria

It is important to choose the right linguist who will work on your projects. That is why we encourage linguists registered with Linguist Directory to create extended and comprehensive profiles. We advise them to state their qualifications, language skills, expertise and relevant experience. This is to allow you to learn more about the linguists you may wish to contact before approaching them.

Service provided by qualified linguists

We believe our customers deserve only the best language services. That is why we only offer a place on our database to linguists who hold higher professional qualifications such as a diploma in interpreting, or a degree in translation. Rare languages are the only exception as higher qualifications in those languages are not always available.


If you can’t find suitable linguists in our database in the language you require…

please contact us and we will search all relevant professional membership bodies to find you the relevant linguists who meet your criteria and who are available to assist you.

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